November 4, 2021 – Wesley Arey, the National Representative for Deaf Grassroot Movement, announced an interview with Mavrick Martin Fisher on Monday November 8, 2021 at 1 PM Eastern Time. If people expressed interest in attending, they would have to send Joseph Kolb 10 dollars via cashapp in order to be invited into the “VIP room” of Deaf World Kissfist Vloggers (DVWKFV). *For further clarification that room is called, “DWKFVIP” according to the flyer posted.

After several varying videos on DWKFV, people started calling for other people to interview Mavrick because they felt like Wesley’s position as National Representative makes it inappropriate for him to be interviewing FIsher. According to the Deaf Grassroot Movement “Guidelines” Wesley Arey is within his rights to make decisions such as to interview and discuss issues in communication access in court and jail. 

Mavrick Martin Fisher is within the scope of discussion however it all lies within how he frames the interview. Varying state representatives have turned in their resignation following the announcement. It is unclear on whether Wesley Arey is conducting this intrview as National Representative of DGM or as a community member on his own time in efforts to raise awareness. 

Deaf Vee Journal reached out to Wesley Arey and at this time there has been no comment. This is a developing story and Deaf Vee Journal will update as new information is released.