James E Tucker announced to the Maryland School for the Deaf faculty and then later on video to the public on August 20, 2020 that he will be retiring at an earlier time. His retirement was slanted for June of 2021. The video can be viewed here (Click here)

Transcript for the video:

Dear MSD Community,

This afternoon, I shared with Board President Dr. Robert R. Davila in person that I will retire from the Maryland School for the Deaf this September 4, 2020.

MSD is ready for the first day for all staff this August 24, and for the first day of classes this August 31. The Fiscal Year 2021 School Budget is healthy, and the Fiscal Year 2022 School Budget promises to be healthy.

We have a very strong leadership team and outstanding faculty and staff. Our wonderful school will continue to evolve and grow. Our love for our students is always there.

There is always a time when one knows it is time to go. I love MSD and I now know it is time for me to go.

MSD students, be strong, be brave, be creative, be gentle, be curious, and be kind to one another.

Best wishes to MSD’s 153rd year and beyond!

James E. Tucker