In the Bay Area Deaf community, the lawsuit filed by Deaf Counseling Advocacy & Referral Agency DCARA against the Executive Director, Raymond Rodgers and the interim Board President, Liann Osborne has been a hot topic ever since the infamous “May 21st Meeting”. Today, February 19, 2020, Jac Cook a well-known member called attention to a court date slated for February 20, 2020, at (2:30 PM)

“To show your support for DCARA Staff/ Liann Osborne (legitimate interim Board President) and Raymond Rodgers (Executive Director), please go to Dept 517, Hayward Hall of Justice, 23305 Amador St, Hayward THIS THURSDAY – tomorrow (Feb 20th) at 230 PM.” Jac

What is not mentioned in Jac’s request to the community is that this court date is not for the “lawsuit” but rather a temporary restraining order filed by the board against Raymond  Rodgers and Liann Osborne. The current status of the lawsuit is that it has been tentatively denied because the Plaintiff did not give adequate notice.

“The motion is denied because Plaintiff did not give Defendants adequate notice of the hearing. As Wednesday, February 12, 2020, is a court holiday, Plaintiff was required to serve Defendants with the motion papers by mail on January 16, 2020. See CCP §§ 1005(b) and 1013. The proofs of service filed by Plaintiff indicate that the papers were mailed on January 17, 2020. “ (Tentative Decisions – case RG19038869)

This is not an indicator of any wins or loss in this lawsuit but rather that the board will have to re-file the paperwork to proceed further. David Martin and the other board members cited in the lawsuit have determined that there will be a board meeting on February 27, 2020, and this restraining order, if approved, would prohibit Raymond Rodgers and Liann Osborne from being able to attend the meeting. Deaf Vee Journal has downloaded the 91-page court document for the community to have access to the document. 

Download the 91-page restraining order document here.