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If you tuned in for DSTidbit News LIVE video interview with Chris and Mindy Bjarkman and their son, Jacob, the news of Central High School Bomb threats is not new. Jacob Bjarkman was forced to stand in a football field for 3 hours on Monday, the first day of five days of threats in the rain. This was while the school was being searched for bombs.

Mizella M. Robinson, has caused a lot of trouble for herself and her future. Motive behind her threats is unknown but she was caught today, March 23, 2018 after five days of threats and six total bomb threats.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis announced the arrest Friday of a suspect in six bomb threats this week at Central High School.

Student Mizella M. Robinson, 17, has been charged with multiple counts in the case, Nienhuis said “This was a single individual using a single device,” he said.  She admitted to making the threats.

Deputies were at the school repeatedly from Monday through Thursday to investigate the threats, but found nothing, according to Nienhuis.

As Jacob said, “This is stupid, a waste of time!” He was very upset that he was missing out on his education because somebody wanted to play a prank and as Sheriff Al Nienhuis said, “It was a 100 percent hoax, We didn’t find anything at all that was a fake bomb, let alone a real bomb.”

While Chris and Mindy Bjarkman are among the parents that are sick and tired of these things happening especially this past week, they are also relieved that this is over and Jacob can go back to school!

Mindy mentioned on Facebook, “Jacob is ready to go back to school. He misses his friends. I think everybody can breathe now. It really impacted our community greatly.”

Parents and residents of the area were informed of this update live via television prior to the publication on TBO! 


This is from the live video by Hernando Sheriff Office on Facebook

Sheriff Al Nienhuis and Dr. Lori Romano give an update on an arrest made in the recent bomb threats at Central High School.

Mizella Robinson, B/F DOB/12-27-2000, was arrested on 6 counts of False Report of a Bomb, 6 counts Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communications Device, 5 counts of Misuse of E-911 and 6 counts of Disruption of a School Function.

Note: DSTidbit News is still working on the transcript for the live video chat and it will be available shortly! Thank you for your patience.