New York Deaf Theatre has a play that is wrapping up. It’s called TITUS and is happening til the 13th of November. Have you taken the time to go see it?  Here is a trailer in case you haven’t heard of, or gone to see TITUS yet.


Two more DAYS to see it! Russell Harvard, an actor gave Titus Glowing reviews in a video saying that he was “blown away”


New York Deaf Theatre has had TITUS available for viewing since November 1st and is available until November 13, 2016 and has had tremendous success! Craig Fogel from “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” shared his thoughts with New York Deaf Theatre on Twitter


A little bit about TITUS: It is said to be Shakespeare’s bloodiest play. There is no language used in the play and is expressed through visual elements.

Check it out at the HUDSON GUILD THEATRE

For more information about pricing, check out the New York Deaf Theatre Website.