Did you hear about tsū? What is it all about? What’s the buzz on internet about this? Why is tsū so important?  Many people wonder what has got people all excited about this new social media network. While the question is still fresh, here’s an answer!

tsu.co is a new social networking website that pays you. What, wait… pays their users? Yup, you heard it right! Any unique and original content shared on tsū, based on per click and share, generates revenue and the person that is getting paid is you. Facebook has been around for almost 10 years and Facebook has been making money off from your private life! They get paid based on how many likes, comments and share on your account. Basically, that portion of profit goes to their fancy cars, house, travel and live financially freedom lifestyle. On Facebook, you get nothing but if you switched over to Tsū, you get something. Nobody is saying it’s not okay to use both platforms but wouldn’t it make more sense to use the one that pays?

It’s very important to mention rules on tsū. Simple rules based on common sense about usage of tsū can be found on their FAQs – the rules are black and white. There are no grey areas and if you are able to find the grey area, something is wrong! If you are able to read to this point, the rules will be clear. All social media has TOS and we all have to follow them in order to keep our account in good standing. The one thing you can do to guarantee losing your account is to start spamming other people’s post, etc. Once again, if you want to maintain in good standing, don’t. It’s all standard procedure to follow. Again, it is very simple, black and white rules.

The tsū platform is very simple, it has sub-category which includes number of Friends, New Children, Children, Network and Followers.




Friends: Your actual friends but you can build Friends however, it’s limited to 5,000 just like Facebook and G+.

New Children/Children: tsū users who have signed up using your shortcode, will become your children.

Network: Based on how many Friends, Children and Followers you have – the number usually is the largest of all circles. Example: If you have 10 Children, have 10 Followers, 10 Friends which will automatic you totaled of 30 Networks, however – your Children might have more people in their network than you do. If one of your Children has 100 Children, your network number increases to a total of 130 people. If children under your network build their own network of Children, it’ll increase the numbers in your network and so on.

Following/Followers: You can have unlimited Followers. You have no obligation to follow them back. You can, if something you see specific followers that represent something such as Brand company, Celebrity, etc and you’ll be able to have the opportunity to follow back. It’s your call as much as it’s theirs. Just like Twitter, anybody can follow you. However, you can only be following up to 1,000 people.

Does it cost money to join? No, it’s 100% FREE! tsu.co is purely based on email invitation. If you see someone emailing you using a “tsu.co”, which mean most likely they are giving you their shortcode to sign up to join. This is how your “Children” network and the revenue is set-up. In order to make more money, you need to grow your children, keep a high sharing quality and original content, and last but not least: invite your friends and family to join tsū to expand your Children circle. It takes time and patience. Keep in mind, it’s not an overnight thing. If you are a social guru, you’ll expect bigger result, of course. Hat off to you!

How to do it? (If you have an account, listed below)

-Twitter, create a short unique direct message (DM) to your followers, encouraging them to join tsū using your short code.
-Facebook, create a simple and sweet private message (PM) to your friends, family and acquaintance to encourage them to join tsū using your short code.
-G+, do repeat the method.
-Email, please write an email as you were talking with them to check, “How are you?” Add yourself in short story on how you are doing, what have been happening to you (keep it short and sweet, nobody want to read long email). Add in end of email, with about why they should join tsū, and give out your tsu’s shortcode.

Keep in mind, do not approach people with the “get rich scheme” vibe because it’s NOT! It’s all about networking, grow your children, engage yourself with what you enjoy seeing on tsū such as Like, Comment and Share – it’s like sending them an interior message that you really like their posts.

It’s that simple.



The coolest thing about tsū is that it has two sharing platforms that are currently available before you post anything on tsū is, Facebook and Twitter. When you create a post, click Facebook and Twitter button to turn on before click “post”. Tsū will take care of the rest. Your post will appear on Facebook and Twitter automatically without any hassle. It’s a very soothing experience, that’s a promise to you! Per account, you are limited to 36 post content, 8 of those can be shares per 24 hours span. Not only this, the bonus part about tsū is that you can use your YouTube or Blogger to post your content. You get paid for what you do. All you have to do is to keep engaging via social networking. If you don’t do anything, you get nothing.

After joining tsū, please sit back and have some patience. Wait, few days to a week – be sure to have a very gentle approach.



Look back in the heyday: when Myspace first came out, people went crazy and join without any hesitation. When Facebook came out, lots of people resisted the idea of joining. After a while – finally they joined. Twitter and G+, experienced the same thing. Now, tsū – lot of people are buzzing with this phrase, “Another one? No thank you, Facebook is good enough for me!” It seems like the majority of people are feeling this way right now. While trying to build up your network, it’s best to give a little time and patience. Be ENCOURAGING and optimistic. When approaching it that way, you are getting the word out without being pushy. If you continue to spam – “You reap what you sow!” Don’t get angry with anyone who takes the time to report you. You are doing this to yourself. Again, READ the FAQ’s on tsū  so you can get this once and all.

Now, if you are interested in getting some suggested individuals to follow on tsū? Here’s a list of people you can follow:

tsū Founder: Sebastian

tsū QA Anthony Long

Analytic Jon Dunn

Mediator/Updater Rex Dow

Spiritual Guru/Engager Kevin Hinkle

Celebrity Curtis Jackson aka 50Cent

Networking Scott Buehler

YouTuber Eric Berg

Many more people such as Celebrities, Brands, People of interest can be found at: tsū Discover. What do you have to lose? Many people think it’s like having a platform that’s “all in one” including Facebook and Twitter!

PS. A friendly reminder for once again, tsū is NOT a fast get rich scheme. Post, Like, Comment and Share kindly!