Light-bulbs and lights play a big part of conversations that happen on the phone regardless of whether it’s via cellphones, tablets, or desktops. People are often struggling to turn on the light to talk or even be notified that they have a call from somebody and their phone is not with them. Convo Relay has come up with a nifty app that is appealing to a variety of people.

Not only is the person receiving the call notified via light, they are also able to have lights automatically adjust during the call and then again after the call. Convo Relay has been under wraps for quite awhile and has not been noticeable and people know why now! Their latest project is a project that may change how people look at “add on” features for their latest app from any video relay service provider. Words can’t describe this new feature and what it might do to change the game.

Their unveiling was last night in Washington D.C. at the Wonder Bread factory. Convo Relay has been unusually quiet for quite a while and this unveiling has been an “aha” moment for many people wondering what happened to the company. With such a big surprise under their belt, people are hopeful that they will continue to be visible and bringing new methods in communications to our community.

This is not to say that their services and/or products have depreciated, or phased out, but they have not been as visible in the community as they had been in the past due to being hard at work behind the scenes.

Here is their latest video that explains what they’ve been doing to pair existing technologies with their Video Relay Service platform. This brings new ideas into the VRS game! Convo Relay is using the Philips hue system to introduce a new way to light up video conversations. They have accomplished this by integrating the Philips hue API into their app.

Retailers are currently offering the Philips hue starter system at $199, and the system includes a set of lights and a bridge device that connects the entire system. There are three different types of light that can be selected as a starter set for the original Philips hue system. One is the standard A19 LED that comes in three for the starter kit, and another is a set of two BR30 lights and the third option are two light strips in the starter kit. The bridge is a device that can control up to 50 light bulbs, which should be more than sufficient for a household, and connects to your home network. To learn more about Philips hue system, please head to their website by clicking here.

Convo Relay is offering Philips hue starter packages at a 50% discounted rate through their website and also offers customized packages for deaf business owners. Convo had this to say of business owners, “we believe in supporting deaf-owned businesses and will work with them personally for the package that fits them and their needs. For any deaf owners interested, contact (Convo) for more details.”

Written by Mary Pat Withem

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