Rustic Lantern Films (RLF) just announced that they are currently in the second production of a feature film. RLF is currently doing a casting call for actors and actresses to submit their headshot and a 2 minute video about yourself. RLF is also looking for a crew position(s) such as a Director Assistant, a Producer Assistant, a Set/Props Manager, a Cameraman Assistant, a Equipment Manager, a Film/Editor Manager and a Make up aka FX Costume Artist. RLF auditions and other crew position(s) can be found here.
 Rustic Lantern Films released their first independent feature film, “Lake Windfall” which came out in the Spring of 2013 and has a huge smash success in different parts of  the United States according to testimontals. The film has won 5 major film festivals in different categories. It was also picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, in several newspapers located in St. Louis, San Diego and Los Angeles. The headquarters of Rustic Lantern Films is in St. Louis, Missouri. 
Rustic Lantern Films is a subsidiary of DEAF, Inc. They work together on common goals, to empower Deaf community by producing and offering more job opportunities through filming process, raise the awareness through promote the film to hearing audiences and beyond. The mentality behind the organization is what made DEAF, Inc. so successful throughout the Midwest.

RLF is a professional production company that provides professional settings, resume enhancing opportunities such as IMDb, the opportunity to establish the goal of performing in professional settings comparable to Hollywood’s standard. The advantages and benefits of working for RLF are excellent for somebody that is interested in becoming a Hollywood star.
Don’t forget, RLF is looking for actors and actresses. Submit now before it’s too late and good luck!
Written by Jasun Hicks
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