Bell Canada and the Candian Association for the Deaf (CAD) had partnered up and wrote a letter to John Traversy, the secretary General of Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. This letter was specifically in response to the telecom note of Consultation CRTC 2014-188.

In this letter, they wanted to do two things. The first was to update the Commission on the progress towards implementing Video Relay Services (VRS) in Canada. They also wanted to request a specifically structured timeline for further steps and to request a deadline extension.

For those that didn’t know, the VRS indstry in Canada will provide both American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des Singes Quebecoise (LSQ) and be funded by the telecommunication services providers (TSP) through their national contribution fund. Bell Canada and CAD pointed out several things that needed to be completed prior to implementation of VRS so they asked for an extension to several deadlines and proceeded to propose submission requirements themselves.

The good news is, these proposed times have been accepted by the Commission. For those that aren’t real clear on what this means, BCVRS Committee, one of the biggest driving forces behind establishing VRS in Canada, will explain what this means in ASL.

When the ASL video is available, DSTidbits will update this post.