[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWAdiSznz5k]

Annabel is the face of Caption It New Zealand. This is a short video that she posted on YouTube and is captioned by her mother, Helen MacKay. Helen points out that she did not have anything to do with the story, it was all Annabel’s doing.

This story is the same one that was shared with the MP (Member of Parliament) for Rongotai, Annette King on May 1, 2014. Annabel loves Facebook (her mother suspects it’s because she can read words and everything her mother types.)  so she wanted it posted on Facebook to share with the world.

The idea of the video was born and watching this video helps people understand better the struggle of adjusting to New Zealand which has a very small percentage of their television shows captioned. Because of her neuromuscular condition, it is difficult for her to sign back to people but she loves signing and talks a lot so this video was a wonderful way for her to have an outlet and share her frustrations with people.

With these circumstances, captioning means the world to her and reading words is her outlet. With Annette King’s post on Facebook, people can see how much she enjoyed the meeting and believes that this fight is a worthy one.

She also commented on twitter about the meeting. 
Written by Mary Pat Withem