Updated:  Autumn Victoria has provided an ASL version of the video that was provided above of the Sheriff’s office talking about “Operation Social Bust” 

This is a follow up on the article, “Christopher Lalley Allegedly Participated in Human Trafficking“. The Sheriff’s office was able to release the arrest report to Deaf Vee Journal.

Update: The Sheriff Department released the arrest report to Deaf Vee Journal.

Fox 13’s Ken Suarez’s Twitter account announcing about Operation Social Bust. Lalley’s picture is right in the middle of the board.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 33-year-old Christopher Lalley, offered $125 to a detective he thought was a 15-year-old child [Police report says 14], deputies said. Lalley drove from St. Petersburg and arrived with the cash and condoms in his pocket. Because he arranged to pay for sex, he also faces a human trafficking charge, Chronister said.

Christopher Lalley was talking to someone who was portraying as a 14 year old girl:

“Beginning on 09/29/2020, I was working in an undercover capacity on a social media application and was attempting to locate and identify individuals who use these applications for the exploitation of children. I was portraying to be a 14-year-old female and began a conversation with the Defendant who made initial contact with me. After a brief greeting, the Defendant was provided with my cell phone number where he again initiated contact at which time he was immediately provided with my fictitious age. The Defendant (33 years old) acknowledged my age and portrayed to be thirty (30) years old and continued in conversation. The casual conservation continued into the following day 09/30/2020, where the Defendant initiated contact with me again.

During the conversation, the Defendant unlawfully solicited me to commit a commercial sexual act for the negotiated price of $125.00. The sexual act was to include vaginal and oral sex after the Defendant was provided with my fictitious age multiple times throughout the investigation. The Defendant was then provided a predetermined location at which the time the Defendant then traveled in his registered Dodge pickup bearing FL # Y08CHD from his residence in Pinellas County to the location provided (within Hillsborough County, FL). Detectives made contact with the Defendant at which time he was taken into custody and he was found to be in possession of his cell phone (727-479-3700) which he unlawfully utilized during the commission of the offense in addition to a condom, alcoholic beverages, and $146.00 in US currency. A controlled phone call was conducted to the Defendant’s cell phone at which time my covert number rang on the phone. The Defendant was identified via David” (Public Records – Arrest Report)


The Sheriff’s department also did a press conference and presented the happenings of their investigation which involved multiple men, not just Christopher Lalley. (Video available hereDeaf Vee Journal has received an ASL version by Autumn Victoria