Hello Everybody! 

Thank you if you have already liked and followed our official page on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, checked us out on Youtube, and subscribed to our e-mail newsletter! We know we have very little to no content; however, we are working on our Archives section for readers to enjoy old content that was available. We are aware that the community is concerned about accessibility to information, and both co-founders have agreed to leave Deaf Vee Journal permanently open for your benefit.

At this time, we will be doing vlogs on a request only basis. Due to the change of the business structure from for-profit to nonprofit, the development of multiple business documents on top of research and development for our regular articles and publications will be tedious for the next couple of weeks. Our team wants to make sure there are no cutting-corners on our content and the quality stays high. We recognize that ASLized content is important to the community and as we build, it is a top priority and one of our long term goals.

Deaf Vee Journal will be a non-profit organization for several reasons, including the protection of content. There will be no content removal at any time. We have two primary goals that our organization will accomplish. 

  1. Our Deaf Vee Media team will provide the community with free access to information about our community, culture, and language from a social justice lens. This is different from what The Deaf Report was—it was for community accountability and while it served a good purpose, we realized we could accomplish so much more if we took a different approach. 
  2. Our Deaf Vee Research team will identify and work to fill the gaps in research for specific topics of interest. The formal publications will be free for the community to access. 

Both teams will be working closely to ensure all content is accessible for the community through our outlet, Deaf Vee Journal. If you have any questions about either team, please feel free to contact us for further information. 

This is a process that will take time and we appreciate your patience and support as we work through changes that were unexpected and sudden but welcomed.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to contributing to our community! 

Mary Pat & Piper Collins

Deaf Vee Founders