Updated at 9 PM PST: Summary and link of DCARA Board announcement by Tom attached at the bottom of article. 

Updated at 6 PM PST: The Deaf Report had initially shared that DCARA suspended James Brune. DCARA requested that we clarify with a statement that his contract was merely not renewed. 

In 2016, Raymond Rodgers an alum of Gallaudet University (1990) was hired as the Executive Director of Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA) based in San Leandro, California. 

At the time of his hire, one of his goals was to support more diverse deaf organizations. This has been evident, for a Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates board member is calling DCARA out for not extending them the courtesy of informing them that Raymond has been suspended. In their vlog, they mentioned the concerns of Raymond being suspended because he has been one of their biggest allies. They also mentioned that this is not the first time an Executive Director was put on leave without any information. 

BABDA mentions a vlog made by Judy Gough the president of DCARA making accusatory remarks towards one of their top Leaders, Sam Holden. In response to these tactics, they have asked for a face to face meeting with the DCARA board to clarify some things. They have also stated that if DCARA refuses to respond, participate in a meeting, or so forth, they will take the steps to protest DCARA. Thus far, there have been no statement or comments by DCARA’s board members or any update by BABDA.

However, the management team at DCARA headed by Rosa Lee Timm have addressed the community in their facebook video stating that they are unaware of why their executive director has been placed on paid leave and are unsure how long he will be on leave. DCARA confirmed with The Deaf Report that Raymond has indeed been placed on leave. They also stated in their vlog that their board members have “engaged an investigator and because of legal limitations, they are unable to respond to any community questions or concerns related to a personnel matter.” (DCARA Announcement

At 9:30 PM PST DCARA released a video with Tom, their vice president addressing the community and their concerns basically stating exactly what their management team said, “Board is acting in good faith and has hired an investigator to get the facts so we can have better understanding of the truth.” (Tom)

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