The Texas school for the Deaf  Girls Varsity head coach, Brian Sipek and his assistant coaches, Ashley Elliott and Sean Moore have developed and trained an outstanding team that have played a total of thirty games this season.  The latest win was against Veritas with a score of 63-14 which brought their record to a total of thirty wins and zero losses.

Their final game this season will be against Reicher Catholic tonight, February 7, 2019 at Seeger Gym. If they are able to win the final game, they will have completed their season undefeated. Reicher Catholic is a 4A school that went into the playoffs last year and boasts a 17-13 record. This season, Texas School for the Deaf  (TSD) has played Reicher Catholic and won so tonight is Reicher Catholic’s chance to gun for revenge against undefeated TSD.

They began their season playing in and winning the Bestpack Tournament. The next tournament they won was the FEAST Patriots Invitational tournament which they also won with a score of 45-37.

Playing against Louisiana and Arkansas, they won the Leopards Classic Tournament in December and went on to win the New Year Eve Shootout Tournament.

Winning the Clerc Classic XIX Championship brought their record to 26-0. Texas School for the Deaf was to defeat three schools including California School for the Deaf, Fremont (CSD – F), Arizona School for the Deaf and Maryland School for the Deaf. 

At the beginning of the season in December, USA Today dubbed Indiana School for the Deaf as the Dream Team when their winning streak was 8-0, what does that make Texas School for the Deaf?

After their regular season, they are expecting to possibly play in the area playoffs, regional playoffs and then the final four.