In our culture, we tend to come right on the point. This.


If you want our opinion on your fashion, your delusional ideas, etc. We will be like this, nope – we ain’t kidding. At least we are “brutually” honest unlike people from hearing culture, y’all always sugarcoat, right?



When we say No, don’t go there, seriously!


We sleep light. Bother us, you’ll experience a fiesty, fierce person and some hisses to go with that blow up. Consider yourself warned!


We are much more intuitive than hearing people. If you talk shit about us, we can sense it. Literally!


When you want to make fun of Deaf people, you will end up looking more like an idiot than us. Thank you, Khloe Kardashian for backing us up!


If you want to bully a Deaf invidiual, we ain’t afraid to stand up for ourselves. Mark our words!