Who are we?

Deaf Vee Journal is a 100% Deaf-centered hybrid media and research nonprofit entity that documents and spotlights critical affairs impacting the Deaf* communities throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Research Analyst

Piper conducts research and statistical analyses for, writes, edits, proofreads, and formats all formal Deaf Vee Journal publications. Piper Collins has a Bachelor’s degree and is finishing up her Master’s degree in Social Work. Piper lives in a suburban area in the Pacific West with her fur baby.

Editor in Chief

Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman runs the Deaf Vee Journal Newsroom, which is often bustling with activity on article leads and development. Mary Pat graduated with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Mary Pat enjoys interacting with community members on various topics, and she has fur babies of her own as well.